Elegance is timeless, Lara Fabian

This fall, Lara Fabian goes on an
international tour that will take her to the
United States, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland,
France, and, of course, Quebec, her adoptive
land. It has been quite a ride for this woman
of Italian descent; she came from Belgium in
the early 1990s, and with her unique voice
and outstanding energy, she was able to
conquer the hearts of Quebecers. Millions of
albums sold, numerous tours, and thousands of
shows could not begin to exhaust the passion
and simplicity of this artist. Today, Lara
Fabian enjoys life more than ever.  We
first met in 1991 while shooting the video
“Je m’arrêterai pas de
t’aimer.” I remember you as a
passionate young lady, both enthusiastic and
very friendly. How do you remember your first
steps in Quebec? I remember those moments
very fondly. My career choice is no
coincidence: both my parents were music
lovers. Dad would teach me songs in English
and Mom would always be singing around me.
The moment that you are referring to is
actually the day that my parents came to
visit me, at a hangar in Old Montreal. I
remember very well the moment that they saw
me performing in my first clip, for a debut
album that was being financed by their life
savings. It reminds me of this heritage, this
sacrifice that they made so that their
daughter could fulfill her dream.  I
like the name “50 World Tour.”
Isn’t that number intimidating? Was it
important to outline it? This number is
accurate! To me, it’s a way of making
it look like a simple step instead of a sword
of Damocles. Everybody gets old, and
I’m no exception, but I have a feeling
that I will never be scared of aging, and my
soul will never get old. I’m filled
with so much enthusiasm and innocence, and it
suppresses my fear of aging. Age is just a
number. It does not define who we
are.  What strikes me is your elegance.
The elegance in your relationship with
people, but als

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