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  • Rolex and Cinema, story telling at its finest

    Rolex and Cinema, story telling at its finest

    Throughout history, Rolex and cinema have
    been inextricably linked. Having appeared in
    films for decades, these particular
    timepieces have been willingly selected by
    film directors for their exceptional brand
    qualities: toughness, precision, and
    exemplifying greatness on a character’s
    wrist. Today, through its partnerships, Rolex
    aims at deepening its commitment to perpetual
    excellence in cinema, providing support to
    conserve the history of film while
    championing those who break
    boundaries. Since 2017, Rolex has been the
    Exclusive Watch of the Academy of Motion
    Picture Arts and Sciences, organizers of the
    Academy Awards®, and Proud Sponsor of the
    Oscars®, the most prized recognition of
    cinematic excellence. In 2018, Rolex
    additionally supported the Governors Awards,
    which is hosted by the Academy to honour
    lifetime achievement. Since 2016, the brand
    has also hosted the Greenroom at the Dolby
    Theatre®, which this year treated guests
    to an aquatic theme in re

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  • Accord D financing

    Accord D financing

    12 equal monthly payments without
    interest Subject to the approval of the
    Fédération des caisses
    Desjardins du Québec ("the
    Federation"). All indicated annual interest
    rates are subject to change. The offer "Equal
    monthly payments, without interest" allows to
    repay, by means of a credit card issued by
    the Federation ("the card"), a purchase in
    equal and consecutive installments payable in
    equal monthly installments without interest.
    The equal monthly payments are included in
    the minimum payment due from the credit card.
    If the minimum payment due is not paid at
    maturity, the annual interest rate of the
    card, which is not more than 19.9%, applies
    to the equal unpaid monthly installment. The
    grace period of the card is 21 days without
    interest, from the mailing of the monthly
    statement or its lay-off in electronic
    format, to pay the balance of the statement
    without having to pay any fees. credit, exce

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  • Bijouterie Italienne - Rolex Oyster Collection Basel preview

    Bijouterie Italienne - Rolex Oyster Collection Basel preview

    We had the ultimate pleasure to attend the
    exclusive unveiling of the Rolex Basel
    Collection at Bijouterie Italienne. The Rolex
    Official Retailer is a new division of this
    upscale jewelry store of Italian heritage in
    the heart of Little Italy. Bijouterie
    Italienne is a family-run, high-end jewelry
    store since 1959, upholding their heritage of
    offering quality and expertise while bringing
    you the latest trends in luxury
    jewelry.“Bijouterie Italienne of
    Montreal is proud to be part of the worldwide

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  • Ateliers deMonaco exclusivity

    Ateliers deMonaco exclusivity

    Ateliers de Monaco watches are sold
    exclusively in Canada at Bijouterie
    Italienne.  For more information, call
    us 514.279.5585.The founding two: While
    working in the ateliers of
    Frédérique Constant, master
    watchmaker Pim Koeslag realized he had a
    common dream with the CEO of the brand, Peter
    Stas. Both watch aficionados wished to create
    their own minute repeater movement. After
    four long years of hard work Pim and Peter
    successfully presented their first Grande
    Complication the Tourbillon
    Répétition Minute. As this was
    such a special timepiece, Stas suggested the
    creation of a new exclusive brand dedicated
    entirely to exceptional high-end timepieces.
      Ateliers deMonaco was foun

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  • Ippolita’s new muse: Kendall Jenner

    Ippolita’s new muse: Kendall Jenner

    Who better to launch a personal style
    campaign than one of social media’s
    most renowned It girls? Teaming up with
    Kendall Jenner for their fall 2017 campaign,
    the luxury jewellery brand Ippolita zooms in
    on youthful-chic, style. The New York based
    designer Ippolita Rostagno’s craft is
    unique, because she treats design like an art
    form and uses her body as a canvas. In the
    beginning of her career, she gently molded
    wax onto her skin in order to make casts,
    which paved the way for the creation of
    specialized, delicate, and feminine pieces.
    Her creations are graceful and intricate,
    ranging from dazzling candy-coloured
    bracelets to diamond-encrusted stud
    earrings. From a sculptor’s viewpoint,
    Rostagno has been fascinated by the concept
    of social media and artistic photography.
    Selecting one of social media’s most
    infamous muses, Kendall Jenner contributed to
    the vision, styling, and jewellery selection
    of a campaign titled “It’s in

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  • A new look

    A new look

    The new Grands Ballets Canadiens season
    already looks promising, with its new
    location in the Wilder Espace Danse building,
    and with the arrival of a new artistic
    director: Ivan Cavallari. Originally from
    Italy, this former star Stuttgart ballet
    dancer, trained at the Scala de Milan and
    Moscow Bolchoï Ballet schools, lands in
    Montreal in the hopes of sharing his passion
    for ballet. Looking at your journey,
    you’ve studied in Moscow, worked in
    Stuttgart, as well as in Perth for the West
    Australian, and recently, in Mulhouse for the
    Rhin National Ballet. You seem to have never
    been scared of trying out new things or
    working in new places? I’ve always
    been very brave! I’ve never stepped
    down due to fear, that’s a blessing I
    have. For me, it was important to understand
    situations in order to better deal with them
    later. What worries me is deviating towards
    the unknown. I have ne

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