• Elegance is timeless, Lara Fabian

    Elegance is timeless, Lara Fabian

    This fall, Lara Fabian goes on an
    international tour that will take her to the
    United States, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland,
    France, and, of course, Quebec, her adoptive
    land. It has been quite a ride for this woman
    of Italian descent; she came from Belgium in
    the early 1990s, and with her unique voice
    and outstanding energy, she was able to
    conquer the hearts of Quebecers. Millions of
    albums sold, numerous tours, and thousands of
    shows could not begin to exhaust the passion
    and simplicity of this artist. Today, Lara
    Fabian enjoys life more than ever.  We
    first met in 1991 while shooting the video
    “Je m’arrêterai pas de
    t’aimer.” I remember you as a
    passionate young lady, both enthusiastic and
    very friendly. How do you remember your first
    steps in Quebec? I remember those moments
    very fondly. My career choice is no
    coincidence: both my parents were music
    lovers. Dad would teach me songs in English
    and Mom would always be singing around me.
    The moment that you are referring to is
    actually the day that my parents came to
    visit me, at a hangar in Old Montreal. I
    remember very well the moment that they saw
    me performing in my first clip, for a debut
    album that was being financed by their life
    savings. It reminds me of this heritage, this
    sacrifice that they made so that their
    daughter could fulfill her dream.  I
    like the name “50 World Tour.”
    Isn’t that number intimidating? Was it
    important to outline it? This number is
    accurate! To me, it’s a way of making
    it look like a simple step instead of a sword
    of Damocles. Everybody gets old, and
    I’m no exception, but I have a feeling
    that I will never be scared of aging, and my
    soul will never get old. I’m filled
    with so much enthusiasm and innocence, and it
    suppresses my fear of aging. Age is just a
    number. It does not define who we
    are.  What strikes me is your elegance.
    The elegance in your relationship with
    people, but als

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  • Bijouterie Italienne, 60 years of success

    Bijouterie Italienne, 60 years of success

    Montreal, 1959. Pino Miserendino, a master
    watchmaker and his wife, Pina Giannantonio,
    open their very first boutique on St.
    Zo­tique East street. Pino had no idea
    that 60 years later, his jewelry store would
    become a genuine institution in the heart of
    Little Italy. As an expert watchmaker, Pino
    could design a watch movement from A to Z, as
    well as building, cutting and assembling
    pieces. Custom jewelry was also another side
    of his expertise: watchmaking and
    jeweler’s craft are not far off each
    other, since mastering the former allows the
    latter. The Miserendino family is pursuing
    this beautiful heritage to this very day,
    with all the passion, professionalism and
    know-how Bijouterie Italienne is renowned
    for. From its early days as an engagement
    ring and watch repair specialist to its
    current incarnation as a showcase for current
    trends, Bijouterie Italienne experienced a
    genuine growth in its 60 years of existence.
    The jewelry store features prestigious brands
    such as Pomellato, Rolex, Forevermark and
    Gucci, to the delight of fashionistas
    everywhere. Let us travel back to
    1973… The Miserendino family buys a
    building located on 192 St. Zotique East
    street, in what would become the forever home
    of their famed jewelry store. From there,
    they would establish a long-lasting,
    tremendous partnership with Rolex. The famed
    Swiss brand remains one of the crown jewels
    of the store to this very day. Bijouterie
    Italienne also established itself as one of
    the most important importers of exclusive
    goods, straight from Italy, throughout the
    70s and 80s. The 90s were the era of a new
    turn for the store, as Paola and Marco, the
    daughter and son of Pino and Pina, took the
    lead of the establishment founded by their
    parents. Paola and Marco focused on
    prestigious brands, especially those renowned
    for quality stones and exceptional
    craftsmanship. Attentive customer service,
    outdoing expectations and a commitment to
    excellence are all the hallmarks of
    Bijouterie Ital

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  • Pascale Girardin, inpired by nature

    Pascale Girardin, inpired by nature

    In the world of art and design, ceramics have
    been looked down on for quite some time, but
    mural artist Pascale Girardin has been trying
    to change that mentality since the beginning
    of her career. Judging by her projects in a
    Shanghai hotel, in a Las Vegas restaurant,
    and in a mythical store in New York, she is
    now reaping the fruits of her labor. The
    language I used 20 years ago is now much more
    accepted. I said that 2019 was the year of
    handwork. People are starting to show
    interest in handwork, especially young
    people. They are starting to discover that
    they can do more with their fingers than
    sliding them across a screen. Meeting with
    interior designers is what allowed you to
    progress and to surpass yourself,
    correct? Yes, absolutely! Jean-Pierre Viau
    was the first one to trust me, and then I got
    the opportunity to work on small projects
    with large Toronto firm Yabu Pushelberg, and,
    eventually, bigger projects such as the China
    Grill in Chicago, and the Finn Restaurant in
    the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas. This is what
    really put me on the map – two hundred
    square feet of stacked tiles, so 600 square
    feet when they are spread out – a
    pretty interesting experience, to say the
    least. Thankfully, I have a project manager
    to assist me now. Which project has been the
    biggest challenge? I would say the Four
    Seasons Hotel in Montreal, especially because
    of the engineering aspect. The challenge was
    to fill a space within the building. It was
    an open-air atrium that lit up the pathways
    leading to the rooms, spread across 16
    floors. So, I decided to represent the
    seasons of Montreal with some flower petals.
    You haven’t lost your sense of
    wonder? It’s still there, probably
    because the firing of clay is always
    mysterious and surprising.

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  • A new look

    A new look

    The new Grands Ballets Canadiens season
    already looks promising, with its new
    location in the Wilder Espace Danse building,
    and with the arrival of a new artistic
    director: Ivan Cavallari. Originally from
    Italy, this former star Stuttgart ballet
    dancer, trained at the Scala de Milan and
    Moscow Bolchoï Ballet schools, lands in
    Montreal in the hopes of sharing his passion
    for ballet. Looking at your journey,
    you’ve studied in Moscow, worked in
    Stuttgart, as well as in Perth for the West
    Australian, and recently, in Mulhouse for the
    Rhin National Ballet. You seem to have never
    been scared of trying out new things or
    working in new places? I’ve always
    been very brave! I’ve never stepped
    down due to fear, that’s a blessing I
    have. For me, it was important to understand
    situations in order to better deal with them
    later. What worries me is deviating towards
    the unknown. I have never regretted leaving a
    city or a job, because I always followed my
    instincts — it was as if there was a
    little bell inside of me, telling me it was
    time to move onto a new chapter. I was always
    lucky to have such conscience. For example,
    in 2000, when I decided to pursue something
    other than dancing. I went to see my director
    and told him that I would stop dancing at the
    end of the year. It was a clear
    decision. What made you want to quit the
    Rhin National Ballet for the Grands Ballets
    Canadiens? To be really honest, I felt a
    certain frustration at the National Ballet,
    and I always felt like I had to fight for my
    ideas and for the dancers. The German
    choreographer, Stephan Thoss, one day came
    and told me that the Grands Ballets was
    looking for a new director. The following
    hour, my former Perth Ballet director sent me
    an email asking me if I wanted to get
    involved with the Grands Ballets board. I had
    one answer: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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  • The Spirit of a hero

    The Spirit of a hero

    Pernell Karl Subban a.k.a. P.K. Subban surely
    is one of the most talented players of his
    time. Since the beginning of his career with
    the Montreal Canadiens in 2009, his ardur,
    talent and showmanship keep on captivating
    the sports fans. With the beginning of this
    season, the defenseman attracts even more
    attention by being appointed one of the four
    co-captains of the legendary Montreal team.
    Interview with a talented and elegant
    man. Would you say that your passion for
    hockey comes from your family, one whose all
    members are great athletes? It is simply a
    passion. When you love something, you are
    entirely committed and you become truly
    passionate. Since the age of two and a half,
    I have been playing hockey and it keeps on
    growing. Do you believe that without your
    father’s help, who has been training
    with you at a very young age, your success
    would have been the same? No, I do not
    believe so. And it is all because of my
    parents I find myself where I am today. Not
    only my father, also my mother, because they
    both made lots of sacrifices. Naturally, it
    is my father who brought me to the skating
    rinks and helped me develop my skating,
    training program and hockey skills. I worked
    with him very intensely. But without my
    mother’s contribution, I would not be
    where I am. Do you think they pushed you
    because they recognize your talent, or they
    felt you had a passion for the sport? I
    think that, as all parents, they wanted me to
    be active and spend my energy. They wanted me
    to be successful, but mostly happy, as for my
    four brothers and sisters. For them, being
    part of the national league was not an
    objective. It was my dream, but it certainly
    wasn’t a goal. Out of the rink, we
    notice your taste for fashion. It seems like

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