Hamilton embarks upon an epic journey with “The Martian”

The new motion picture from director Ridley Scott features four robust signature Hamilton Timepieces.

Biel, September 2015 – Hamilton Watches, known for their leading role in the world of aviation and cinema, as well as their innovative and precise timekeeping expertise, return to the big screen this fall in 20th Century Fox’s epic adventure, The Martian. THEMARTIAN.HAMILTONWATCH.COM

Reliable timekeeping is crucial not only for Hamilton watches but also for the leading character in the film, scientist Mark Watney. (Matt Damon). Every second counts and time means survival, so the obvious timepiece chosen to fit such a challenging role is the military-inspired Hamilton BeLOWZERO. This pitch black Hamilton timepiece is a helpful tool for Watney to pull off his mission in such extreme and dangerous circumstances. It features four octagonal bold screw tops around the watch case and a sporty black rubber strap with a double-holed buckle, ensuring a secure fit on the wrist. The Hamilton BeLOWZERO’s rugged and robust high-tech design strike a perfect balance to Watney’s pioneering spirit and need for precision.

Belowzero by Hamilton is a watertight accomplice

The BeLOWZERO Auto 2826 is perfect for even the most daring of deep water adventures! It is water resistant to a depth of 1,000 meters and is equipped with a helium escape valve. With a thickness of 5.6 mm, the convex crystal reminiscent of a smooth bubble is also well prepared for any underwater exploration. The design of the watch reflects its performance capability, boasting such details as a fish symbol, which expresses the extent of the water resistance and a diving mask pictured on both the case back as well as on the special, rubber-feel presentation box.

This ”starring” role in The Martian is the latest in over 450 movie placements for Hamilton. The first came more than 60 years ago when the brand’s watches first appeared in The Frogmen. Since then, Hamilton has worked closely with costume designers and prop masters to supply watches to filmmakers. "Our work with The Martian underlines the essence of the brand – the American Spirit and Swiss Precision. 

Due to its continued involvement with Hollywood, Hamilton recognizes the wide spectrum of opportunities associated to the red carpet. With this in mind, the brand created the Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards, held in both Los Angeles and Shanghai. The awards pay tribute to the brilliant off-screen talents that contribute to the quality of a motion picture and to the lasting impression it makes on its audience.

Throughout the years, Hamilton has created a tradition of integrating its signature styles with epic storylines from Stanley Kubrick’s futuristic 2001: A Space Odyssey to sci-fi stand-outs I Am Legend and the fan-favourite Men in Black trilogy and Interstellar.

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