• The Tissot tradition, a heritage brand with moderne appeal

    The Tissot tradition, a heritage brand with moderne appeal

    Tissot is very much a modern watch brand, but
    it is also a brand with a rich heritage.
    Founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot and
    his son Charles-Émile in 1853, it
    makes it one of Switzerland’s oldest
    watch companies. Today, it is known as a
    sporty, accessible, entry-level luxury brand
    that appeals to all age groups. Le Locle, a
    village in Switzerland’s famed
    watchmaking district, is where Tissot’s
    original factory was founded and the brand
    continues to thrive. In the beginning, Tissot
    & Fis specialized in gold pocket watches
    and pendant watches, with a large part of its
    business being ladies’ watches –
    Sarah Bernhard was even a client. Many of
    Tissot’s watches at the time were
    exported to the U.S., but its biggest market
    was Russia. In 1885, Charles Tissot,
    Charles-Émile’s son, moved to
    Moscow to manage the branch his father had
    set up there. It thrived until the October
    Revolution in 1917, which forced Tissot to
    regroup and focus on making their own
    movements instead. A few years later, the
    brand streamlined its production even more by
    merging with Omega under the title SSIH:
    Société Suisse pour
    l’Industrie Horlogère. Tissot
    was an early adopter of the concept of watch
    wardrobing, and in the 1930s adopted the
    advertising slogan: “A young woman and
    three watches.” From sporty models with
    leather straps to classic bracelet styles,
    Tissot had every occasion covered,
    encouraging women to own more than one watch.
    In the 1950s and ‘60s, Tissot created
    some of the pieces that are now iconic to the
    brand, including the sporty Navigator, which
    was soon followed by the Astrolon quartz
    watch. Then come the 1970s, when Tissot had
    begun its extensive involvement in the world
    of sports, partnering with teams such as
    Ensign Renault and Lotus, and international
    racers including Jacky Ickx, Clay Regazzoni,
    and Mario Andretti. Still closely associated
    with the world of sports, Tissot is the
    Official Timekeeper of the

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  • Rolex and Cinema, story telling at its finest

    Rolex and Cinema, story telling at its finest

    Throughout history, Rolex and cinema have
    been inextricably linked. Having appeared in
    films for decades, these particular
    timepieces have been willingly selected by
    film directors for their exceptional brand
    qualities: toughness, precision, and
    exemplifying greatness on a character’s
    wrist. Today, through its partnerships, Rolex
    aims at deepening its commitment to perpetual
    excellence in cinema, providing support to
    conserve the history of film while
    championing those who break
    boundaries. Since 2017, Rolex has been the
    Exclusive Watch of the Academy of Motion
    Picture Arts and Sciences, organizers of the
    Academy Awards®, and Proud Sponsor of the
    Oscars®, the most prized recognition of
    cinematic excellence. In 2018, Rolex
    additionally supported the Governors Awards,
    which is hosted by the Academy to honour
    lifetime achievement. Since 2016, the brand
    has also hosted the Greenroom at the Dolby
    Theatre®, which this year treated guests
    to an aquatic theme in reference to
    Rolex’s Perpetual Planet campaign aimed
    at ocean preservation via organizations,
    individuals, and institutions dedicated to
    environmental protection. Rolex also assists
    in inspiring future generations by
    contributing to the conservation of cinema
    history as the Founding Supporter of The
    Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Being
    constructed in the heart of the film industry
    in Los Angeles by international architect
    Renzo Piano and opening later this year, the
    Museum will feature 50,000 square feet of
    exhibition galleries exploring the art and
    science of the moving image. A specific
    gallery will be dedicated to host films in
    which Rolex has played a role. Additionally,
    the company’s Rolex Mentor and
    Protégé Arts Initiative, set up
    in 2002 with a mandate of ensuring the
    world’s artistic heritage is passed on
    to the next generation, has allowed budding
    filmmakers to receive individual mentoring
    from some of the world’s greatest

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  • Ateliers deMonaco exclusivity

    Ateliers deMonaco exclusivity

    Ateliers de Monaco watches are sold
    exclusively in Canada at Bijouterie
    Italienne.  For more information, call
    us 514.279.5585. The founding two: While
    working in the ateliers of
    Frédérique Constant, master
    watchmaker Pim Koeslag realized he had a
    common dream with the CEO of the brand, Peter
    Stas. Both watch aficionados wished to create
    their own minute repeater movement. After
    four long years of hard work Pim and Peter
    successfully presented their first Grande
    Complication the Tourbillon
    Répétition Minute. As this was
    such a special timepiece, Stas suggested the
    creation of a new exclusive brand dedicated
    entirely to exceptional high-end timepieces.
      Ateliers deMonaco was founded in
    2008, a brand synonymous with luxury and
    high-end watchmaking. The brand name was
    inspired by the Principality of Monaco, which
    stands as a symbol of royalty, glamour and
    luxury. Since its creation, the brand has
    continued to thrive with Koeslag as its
    technical director until he was finally
    appointed CEO end of
    2016. Monaco: “One of the most
    rewarding things in life is to create. Yet,
    even more aspiring is to create something
    that lasts beyond your own life – a
    legacy”. Peter Stas,
    Co-Founder  Monaco is the reflection of
    beauty and luxury and Peter has always loved
    the scenery and serenity of the Principality.
    He always had a passion for the sea and used
    to sail across the bay of Monaco. From
    Monaco’s inspiration to the
    “Swiss Made” excellence.

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  • Tudor : An unconventional luxury brand

    Tudor : An unconventional luxury brand

    As simple as that, the luxury watch brand
    Tudor entices you to push the envelope.
    Embracing infamous game-changing ambassadors
    like Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and rugby
    moguls the All Blacks, Tudor breaks the mold
    to score emotional touch-points on dreams,
    greatness, and personal achievement. What do
    pop icon Lady Gaga, famed footballer David
    Beckham, and rugby legends the All Blacks
    have in common? The answer to that question
    is straightforward enough: they are all
    unconventional. The selected Tudor
    Ambassadors are champions of their own
    realms, having successfully evolved and
    embraced diverse sectors to ultimately
    redefine their areas of expertise. Synonymous
    with the brand’s core values both
    philosophically and tangibly, Tudor
    communicates the following in everything they
    do: “We’re devoted to the
    classic but reject the status
    quo.” The luxury brand’s vision
    particularly resonates with those who have
    the courage to follow their hearts. Utilizing
    the inner drive of their perfectly chosen
    ambassadors, the brand reveals exactly what
    makes each individual unique: their
    perseverance, unwavering dedication, and
    grit, topped by exemplary class, conduct, and
    style, with success as an end result. Tudor
    has successfully aligned its brand image with
    the best in class, who wear their watches as
    the perfect garnish for excellence. The
    founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, created
    Tudor with a particular vision. Wilsdorf
    wanted to design a watch that could be sold
    at a more modest price point than Rolex but
    retain the same prestigious product
    standards. Adhering to meticulous design
    fundamentals, Tudor’s creation is
    distinct from the rest because the brand
    allows its products to be reinvented
    overtime. The company confronts change
    head-on and embraces redefinition as an
    opportunity for innovation. Constructed
    specifically for those who live for
    adventure, Tudor

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  • Rolex: First-class Watch

    Rolex: First-class Watch

    Rolex has designed the Oyster Perpetual
    Sky-Dweller to be both easy on the eyes and
    easy to use, all while ensuring that the
    watch’s mechanics live up to the
    reliability that Rolex is known for. The
    Sky-Dweller is tailor-made to suit the needs
    of a travelling man. The wearer can easily
    tell time in two different time zones thanks
    to the dial’s innovative rotating off
    center disc, which indicates the hour of the
    second time zone. Saros, the time period used
    to predict eclipses of the sun and moon, is
    the name Rolex has given the
    Sky-Dweller’s Annual Calendar, which
    needs solely one adjustment per year in
    February. The watch also keeps track of
    months by means of 12 apertures around the
    circumference of the dial, which lets through
    a red, white, or black indication. The dial
    now features rectangular index hour markers
    and longer hands that both offer Blue
    Chromalight display in low-light
    environments. The Ring-Command fluted bezel
    rotates in two directions and is used to set
    functions. Thanks to a new concealed
    attachment system underneath the bezel, the
    Sky-Dweller seamlessly fits onto the solid
    link Oyster bracelet. The bracelet itself can
    either be entirely made of 904 L steel, a
    combination of 904 L steel and Rolex 18 ct
    gold, or entirely Rolex 18 ct gold, depending
    on one’s preference. Rolesor is a
    combination of 18 ct gold and steel and has
    been a signature feature of Rolex watches
    since 1933. The luxury and prestige of gold,
    and the strength and durability of steel,
    come together to create the elegance we have
    come to expect from a Rolex timepiece. The
    bracelet is also equipped with a folding
    Oysterclasp, and features the Rolex-patented
    Easylink rapid extension system. This allows
    the wearer to increase the bracelet length by
    approximately 5 mm for the right fit. The
    self-winding 9001 calibre is one of
    Rolex’s most complex movements. It
    offers a power reserve of approximately 72
    hours and is protected

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