Tudor : An unconventional luxury brand

As simple as that, the luxury watch brand Tudor entices you to push the envelope. Embracing infamous game-changing ambassadors like Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and rugby moguls the All Blacks, Tudor breaks the mold to score emotional touch-points on dreams, greatness, and personal achievement.

What do pop icon Lady Gaga, famed footballer David Beckham, and rugby legends the All Blacks have in common?

The answer to that question is straightforward enough: they are all unconventional.

The selected Tudor Ambassadors are champions of their own realms, having successfully evolved and embraced diverse sectors to ultimately redefine their areas of expertise. Synonymous with the brand’s core values both philosophically and tangibly, Tudor communicates the following in everything they do:

“We’re devoted to the classic but reject the status quo.”

The luxury brand’s vision particularly resonates with those who have the courage to follow their hearts. Utilizing the inner drive of their perfectly chosen ambassadors, the brand reveals exactly what makes each individual unique: their perseverance, unwavering dedication, and grit, topped by exemplary class, conduct, and style, with success as an end result. Tudor has successfully aligned its brand image with the best in class, who wear their watches as the perfect garnish for excellence.

The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, created Tudor with a particular vision. Wilsdorf wanted to design a watch that could be sold at a more modest price point than Rolex but retain the same prestigious product standards. Adhering to meticulous design fundamentals, Tudor’s creation is distinct from the rest because the brand allows its products to be reinvented overtime. The company confronts change head-on and embraces redefinition as an opportunity for innovation.

Constructed specifically for those who live for adventure, Tudor has been “strapped on the wrist[s] of the most daring individuals,” including divers and military officers, who are pioneers of the Tudor brand and have pushed its products to the extreme.

In embracing the personal characteristics of their brand representatives, Tudor parallels each of their exclusive qualities in the brand’s DNA. This precisely diverse molecular make-up is what makes these audacious beings unique. The company aligns its brand message and overarching brand principles with such greatness. The brand triumphantly transcends the “unobtainable” threshold of luxury, driving home a sentiment and desire that lives deep inside us all: to dare to pursue what calls out to your heart.

Equally inspiring and motivating, the Tudor #borntodare campaigns are bound to reverberate deeply. The emotional impact is respectable and enduring, just like each ambassador’s story.

Whether or not you are within Tudor’s target market, the emotional factor of their marketing campaigns will captivate and seduce you to be a part of their campaign ethos. The breadth of their message touches upon the desire for greatness and will inspire you to follow your dreams.

Just as Beckham is “top of mind” when it comes to surpassing perfection, Lady Gaga is the queen of challenging show(woman)ship, and the All Blacks have made rugby history, Tudor is a revolutionary brand that will leave its mark, just like those who have one on their wrist.

By Brenna Dixon