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  • Rolex and Cinema, story telling at its finest

    Rolex and Cinema, story telling at its finest

    Throughout history, Rolex and cinema have
    been inextricably linked. Having appeared in
    films for decades, these particular
    timepieces have been willingly selected by
    film directors for their exceptional brand
    qualities: toughness, precision, and
    exemplifying greatness on a
    character’s wrist. Today, through its
    partnerships, Rolex aims at deepening its
    commitment to perpetual excellence in cinema,
    providing support to conserve the history of
    film while championing those who break
    boundaries. Since 2017, Rolex has been
    the Exclusive Watch of the Academy of Motion
    Picture Arts and Sciences, organizers of the
    Academy Awards®, and Proud Sponsor of
    the Oscars®, the most prized recognition
    of cinematic excellence. In 2018, Rolex
    additionally supported the Governors Awards,
    which is hosted by the Academy to honour
    lifetime achievement. Since 2016, the brand
    has also hosted the Greenroom at the Dolby
    Theatre®, which this year treated guests
    to an aquatic theme in reference

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  • Bijouterie Italienne - Rolex Oyster Collection Basel preview

    Bijouterie Italienne - Rolex Oyster Collection Basel preview

    We had the ultimate pleasure to attend the
    exclusive unveiling of the Rolex Basel
    Collection at Bijouterie Italienne. The Rolex
    Official Retailer is a new division of this
    upscale jewelry store of Italian heritage in
    the heart of Little Italy. Bijouterie
    Italienne is a family-run, high-end jewelry
    store since 1959, upholding their heritage of
    offering quality and expertise while bringing
    you the latest trends in luxury
    jewelry. “Bijouterie
    Italienne of Montreal is proud to be part of
    the worldwide

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  • Rolex: First-class Watch

    Rolex: First-class Watch

    Rolex has designed the Oyster Perpetual
    Sky-Dweller to be both easy on the eyes and
    easy to use, all while ensuring that the
    watch’s mechanics live up to the
    reliability that Rolex is known for. The
    Sky-Dweller is tailor-made to suit the needs
    of a travelling man. The wearer can easily
    tell time in two different time zones thanks
    to the dial’s innovative rotating off
    center disc, which indicates the hour of the
    second time zone. Saros, the time period used
    to predict eclipses of the sun and moon, is
    the name Rolex has given the
    Sky-Dweller’s Annual Calendar, which
    needs solely one adjustment per year in
    February. The watch also keeps track of
    months by means of 12 apertures around the
    circumference of the dial, which lets through
    a red, white, or black indication. The dial
    now features rectangular index hour markers
    and longer hands that both offer Blue
    Chromalight display in low-light
    environments. The Ring-Command fluted bezel
    rotates in two

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