• Elegance is timeless, Lara Fabian

    Elegance is timeless, Lara Fabian

    This fall, Lara Fabian goes on an
    international tour that will take her to the
    United States, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland,
    France, and, of course, Quebec, her adoptive
    land. It has been quite a ride for this woman
    of Italian descent; she came from Belgium in
    the early 1990s, and with her unique voice
    and outstanding energy, she was able to
    conquer the hearts of Quebecers. Millions of
    albums sold, numerous tours, and thousands of
    shows could not begin to exhaust the passion
    and simplicity of this artist. Today, Lara
    Fabian enjoys life more than ever.  We
    first met in 1991 while shooting the video
    “Je m’arrêterai pas de
    t’aimer.” I remember you as a
    passionate young lady, both enthusiastic and
    very friendly. How do you remember your first
    steps in Quebec? I remember those moments
    very fondly. My career choice is no
    coincidence: both my parents were music
    lovers. Dad would teach me songs in English
    and Mom would always be singing around me.
    The moment that you are referring to is
    actually the day that my parents came to
    visit me, at a hangar in Old Montreal. I
    remember very well the moment that they saw
    me performing in my first clip, for a debut
    album that was being financed by their life
    savings. It reminds me of this heritage, this
    sacrifice that they made so that their
    daughter could fulfill her dream.  I
    like the name “50 World Tour.”
    Isn’t that number intimidating? Was it
    important to outline it? This number is
    accurate! To me, it’s a way of making
    it look like a simple step instead of a sword
    of Damocles. Everybody gets old, and
    I’m no exception, but I have a feeling
    that I will never be scared of aging, and my
    soul will never get old. I’m filled
    with so much enthusiasm and innocence, and it
    suppresses my fear of aging. Age is just a
    number. It does not define who we
    are.  What strikes me is your elegance.
    The elegance in your relationship with
    people, but als

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  • Bijouterie Italienne - Rolex Oyster Collection Basel preview

    Bijouterie Italienne - Rolex Oyster Collection Basel preview

    We had the ultimate pleasure to attend the
    exclusive unveiling of the Rolex Basel
    Collection at Bijouterie Italienne. The Rolex
    Official Retailer is a new division of this
    upscale jewelry store of Italian heritage in
    the heart of Little Italy. Bijouterie
    Italienne is a family-run, high-end jewelry
    store since 1959, upholding their heritage of
    offering quality and expertise while bringing
    you the latest trends in luxury
    jewelry. “Bijouterie Italienne of
    Montreal is proud to be part of the worldwide
    network of Official Rolex Retailers, allowed
    to sell and maintain a Rolex watch. We
    certify the authenticity of your new Rolex
    and back its five-year international
    guarantee with the necessary skills,
    technical know-how and special equipment.
    Browse the Rolex collection below, or simply
    contact us to book an appointment with our
    dedicated staff, who can help you make the
    choice that will last a
    lifetime.” CONTACT INFORMATION192, rue
    St-Zotique E, Montréal, Québec
    [email protected] Let’s
    have a look at this bedazzled event! Click
    here to see the video!

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  • Ippolita’s new muse: Kendall Jenner

    Ippolita’s new muse: Kendall Jenner

    Who better to launch a personal style
    campaign than one of social media’s
    most renowned It girls? Teaming up with
    Kendall Jenner for their fall 2017 campaign,
    the luxury jewellery brand Ippolita zooms in
    on youthful-chic, style. The New York based
    designer Ippolita Rostagno’s craft is
    unique, because she treats design like an art
    form and uses her body as a canvas. In the
    beginning of her career, she gently molded
    wax onto her skin in order to make casts,
    which paved the way for the creation of
    specialized, delicate, and feminine pieces.
    Her creations are graceful and intricate,
    ranging from dazzling candy-coloured
    bracelets to diamond-encrusted stud
    earrings. From a sculptor’s viewpoint,
    Rostagno has been fascinated by the concept
    of social media and artistic photography.
    Selecting one of social media’s most
    infamous muses, Kendall Jenner contributed to
    the vision, styling, and jewellery selection
    of a campaign titled “It’s in the
    I.” Jenner starred in seven portraits
    in total, some of which were captured by
    photographer Ryan McGinley and a few were
    snapped by Kendall herself. Jenner took part
    in a two-day shoot at a Tudor Revival Mansion
    in Glen Cove, Long Island, followed by a
    second shoot located at Highline Stages in
    New York. Tapping into individuality and
    personalization, the campaign combines the
    designer’s fine jewellery with
    Jenner’s unique stylistic
    interpretation. Visuals range from simplistic
    chic to carefree glamour, which flawlessly
    incorporate Jenner’s style with
    candy-coloured stones and stacked gold rings.
    The photographs and campaign video also exude
    a certain softness that reflects the
    brand’s delicacy. Jenner’s
    organic content shines a light on
    Ippolita’s versatility; every post
    captures her diverse personal style and
    exposes the brand to an Instagram follower
    base of 83 million. “It’s in the
    I” ultimately

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  • Tudor : An unconventional luxury brand

    Tudor : An unconventional luxury brand

    As simple as that, the luxury watch brand
    Tudor entices you to push the envelope.
    Embracing infamous game-changing ambassadors
    like Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and rugby
    moguls the All Blacks, Tudor breaks the mold
    to score emotional touch-points on dreams,
    greatness, and personal achievement. What do
    pop icon Lady Gaga, famed footballer David
    Beckham, and rugby legends the All Blacks
    have in common? The answer to that question
    is straightforward enough: they are all
    unconventional. The selected Tudor
    Ambassadors are champions of their own
    realms, having successfully evolved and
    embraced diverse sectors to ultimately
    redefine their areas of expertise. Synonymous
    with the brand’s core values both
    philosophically and tangibly, Tudor
    communicates the following in everything they
    do: “We’re devoted to the
    classic but reject the status
    quo.” The luxury brand’s vision
    particularly resonates with those who have
    the courage to follow their hearts. Utilizing
    the inner drive of their perfectly chosen
    ambassadors, the brand reveals exactly what
    makes each individual unique: their
    perseverance, unwavering dedication, and
    grit, topped by exemplary class, conduct, and
    style, with success as an end result. Tudor
    has successfully aligned its brand image with
    the best in class, who wear their watches as
    the perfect garnish for excellence. The
    founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, created
    Tudor with a particular vision. Wilsdorf
    wanted to design a watch that could be sold
    at a more modest price point than Rolex but
    retain the same prestigious product
    standards. Adhering to meticulous design
    fundamentals, Tudor’s creation is
    distinct from the rest because the brand
    allows its products to be reinvented
    overtime. The company confronts change
    head-on and embraces redefinition as an
    opportunity for innovation. Constructed
    specifically for those who live for
    adventure, Tudor

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  • A new look

    A new look

    The new Grands Ballets Canadiens season
    already looks promising, with its new
    location in the Wilder Espace Danse building,
    and with the arrival of a new artistic
    director: Ivan Cavallari. Originally from
    Italy, this former star Stuttgart ballet
    dancer, trained at the Scala de Milan and
    Moscow Bolchoï Ballet schools, lands in
    Montreal in the hopes of sharing his passion
    for ballet. Looking at your journey,
    you’ve studied in Moscow, worked in
    Stuttgart, as well as in Perth for the West
    Australian, and recently, in Mulhouse for the
    Rhin National Ballet. You seem to have never
    been scared of trying out new things or
    working in new places? I’ve always
    been very brave! I’ve never stepped
    down due to fear, that’s a blessing I
    have. For me, it was important to understand
    situations in order to better deal with them
    later. What worries me is deviating towards
    the unknown. I have never regretted leaving a
    city or a job, because I always followed my
    instincts — it was as if there was a
    little bell inside of me, telling me it was
    time to move onto a new chapter. I was always
    lucky to have such conscience. For example,
    in 2000, when I decided to pursue something
    other than dancing. I went to see my director
    and told him that I would stop dancing at the
    end of the year. It was a clear
    decision. What made you want to quit the
    Rhin National Ballet for the Grands Ballets
    Canadiens? To be really honest, I felt a
    certain frustration at the National Ballet,
    and I always felt like I had to fight for my
    ideas and for the dancers. The German
    choreographer, Stephan Thoss, one day came
    and told me that the Grands Ballets was
    looking for a new director. The following
    hour, my former Perth Ballet director sent me
    an email asking me if I wanted to get
    involved with the Grands Ballets board. I had
    one answer: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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  • The Spirit of a hero

    The Spirit of a hero

    Pernell Karl Subban a.k.a. P.K. Subban surely
    is one of the most talented players of his
    time. Since the beginning of his career with
    the Montreal Canadiens in 2009, his ardur,
    talent and showmanship keep on captivating
    the sports fans. With the beginning of this
    season, the defenseman attracts even more
    attention by being appointed one of the four
    co-captains of the legendary Montreal team.
    Interview with a talented and elegant
    man. Would you say that your passion for
    hockey comes from your family, one whose all
    members are great athletes? It is simply a
    passion. When you love something, you are
    entirely committed and you become truly
    passionate. Since the age of two and a half,
    I have been playing hockey and it keeps on
    growing. Do you believe that without your
    father’s help, who has been training
    with you at a very young age, your success
    would have been the same? No, I do not
    believe so. And it is all because of my
    parents I find myself where I am today. Not
    only my father, also my mother, because they
    both made lots of sacrifices. Naturally, it
    is my father who brought me to the skating
    rinks and helped me develop my skating,
    training program and hockey skills. I worked
    with him very intensely. But without my
    mother’s contribution, I would not be
    where I am. Do you think they pushed you
    because they recognize your talent, or they
    felt you had a passion for the sport? I
    think that, as all parents, they wanted me to
    be active and spend my energy. They wanted me
    to be successful, but mostly happy, as for my
    four brothers and sisters. For them, being
    part of the national league was not an
    objective. It was my dream, but it certainly
    wasn’t a goal. Out of the rink, we
    notice your taste for fashion. It seems like

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