Sugar Sammy : Laugh with elegance

Well known for his caustic humour toward society and his role as a chauvinist bachelor in the television series Ces gars-là!, Sugar Sammy stands out with his unique combination of bold humour and derision. His Indian background has gifted him with a unique perspective on Québec culture which inspired his bilingual show You’re gonna rire. After traveling all over the world, Sugar Sammy seduces Québec with his witty liveliness, as well as with his charm and elegance. From the start of the French version of his tour in Québec, Sugar Sammy has since seen much success. Over 230 000 tickets were sold for his two one-man shows, including 100 sold out shows presented at the Olympia de Montréal.

You have been nominated for the presti-gious Olivier de l’année prize every year since 2013, of which you have won two, what does this award mean to you?

It warms my heart to know that the people of Montréal and Québec can relate to my humour. I never imagined that I would one day be in this position as it was only four years ago that my shows were only present-ed abroad in English and I wasn’t sure if my humour would be appreciated in Québec. It proves that they value my views and my opinion on Québec society. The producers didn’t believe in the idea of a bilingual show, but I felt that people would understand and appreciate this type of show.

How do you choose your attire for a gala? You are very neat in your appearance and you undoubtedly have your own unique style.

That all depends on the Gala. For Gala Artis, which is a major event, I was going for classic Hollywood. I wore a slim fit Zegna Tuxedo, a big bow tie and a hidden button dress shirt by Eton, which I find very stylish. For the Gala les Olivier, I wore a complete three-piece suit, which we don’t see often and I mixed things up wearing a silk handkerchief and no tie, making it less formal. I believe that paying attention to detail is important because much hard work goes into organizing these major red carpet events and we also must make an effort. These occasions don’t hap-pen every day and we must make the most of each opportunity.

How did you acquire this sense of style?

It is something that I learned over time. Because of the incredible student rebates, when I was in University, I subscribed to many fashion magazines such as GQ, Esquire and Details. Over time, I absorbed the information and it became second nature for me. I now know the basics and can change things around, trying different things. I think it is important to have fun and take some risks.

You seem to be charmer. Are you?

I am actually rather reserved and shy. On stage and on camera, things are different. In fact, I find that the most interesting artists are those who give so much on stage but keep their private lives private. I am more of an observer and a faithful man. Now that I have a woman in my life, I am happy to no longer have to search for my soul mate because the bar scene can be a little crazy.