Karine Vanasse, Beauty as a new face

Karine Vanasse is absolutely irresistible. Besides her great beauty, her dazzling smile and her boundless energy make her shine. Now that she has captivated the Quebec public, it’s time for the United States to fall for this young, yet charming and multi- talented woman.

For the last two years, the actress – who received honours in Quebec with productions such as Séraphin : Un homme et son péché et Polytechnique – is pursuing with determination a career in the United States. The Pan Am TV series was her first experience at our southern neighbours. Now, not only is she dealing with a new type of character in Revenge, but she is also discovering the life in Los Angeles: “I have free time, because I’m not the principal character of Revenge. It takes eight hours to shoot one episode and sometimes, I’m on the set in the morning and I’m free in the afternoon. People out there often live far from their family and rely on their friends to fill their lives, which may distract you from your main goal. I’m trying to fill up my schedule by taking a lot of courses. Especially acting courses, but also training classes for the new TV series Blue Moon that will be shot in Québec, and singing lessons. It’s important to keep yourself busy, because Los Angeles is not far from the beach. I might not live in Los Angeles, but I work there.”

Hollywood is also an opportunity for Karine to tame the red carpets, galas and public appearances. Under the guidance of her American team, she became increasingly aware of the phenomenon. Now, she enjoys this part of life of many actresses looking for major roles. “What I love is the process that leads to the event. When it’s a designer that you love, and above all, when you promote something you believe in. I have fun when it comes to hairstyling, make up and styling in general. When the collaborators are passionate, it becomes an interaction and a form of creation. This is no longer “I” as an individual, but a creative work. What is getting the attention now is that Los Angeles is open to change with less traditional looks on the red carpet. Even if glam is always put forward, actresses like Tilda Swanton and Julianne Moore dare less classic dresses with different cuts, fabrics and new materials. Marion Cotillard also has the audacity to wear unique creations, patterns and truly unusual appliqués. It is interesting to respect the red carpet style rules, but at the same time to push a little more on some fashion codes.”

Karine has always known how to evolve and challenge herself. Maybe was she wearing sport and flat shoes in her twenties, she realizes today the significance of fashion design. She demonstrates a real knowledge of fashion, mentioning her favourite designers including Stella McCartney, Céline and Martin Margiela. An interest that she also shares with the universe of jewellery: “I don’t have many jewellery, but I can’t leave home without the ring I wear on my right ring finger. I have Bulgari rings that I have been wearing for years. I like Bulgari pieces for their bold side and finesse. And because they are tough. Sometimes, I like to wear big earrings such as Dolce & Gabbana very extravagant styles. The shape of my face might not be perfect for them, but my neck is long. So I can still wear those types of earrings. I like to have pieces that I will keep for a long time. A jewel can become a statement piece; it’s almost mystical. I would like to be part of this tradition to bequeath jewellery to our children.”

One thing is for sure; no diamond can dazzle the way Karine Vanasse’s eyes do. The actress is shining and ready to conquer the world. “I’ve come to a point in my life where new doors are opening. In your twenties, you fight to get what you want and to know how far you can go. In your thirties, you know where you’re at and you add more strings to your bow. You develop what you have and you identify you roots. This is quite comforting and strong, because you listen more to your intuition. Now, I know where I want to be.”