• Ippolita’s new muse: Kendall Jenner

    Ippolita’s new muse: Kendall Jenner

    Who better to launch a personal style
    campaign than one of social media’s
    most renowned It girls? Teaming up with
    Kendall Jenner for their fall 2017 campaign,
    the luxury jewellery brand Ippolita zooms in
    on youthful-chic, style. The New York based
    designer Ippolita Rostagno’s craft is
    unique, because she treats design like an art
    form and uses her body as a canvas. In the
    beginning of her career, she gently molded
    wax onto her skin in order to make casts,
    which paved the way for the creation of
    specialized, delicate, and feminine pieces.
    Her creations are graceful and intricate,
    ranging from dazzling candy-coloured
    bracelets to diamond-encrusted stud
    earrings. From a sculptor’s viewpoint,
    Rostagno has been fascinated by the concept
    of social media and artistic photography.
    Selecting one of social media’s most
    infamous muses, Kendall Jenner contributed to
    the vision, styling, and jewellery selection
    of a campaign titled “It’s in the
    I.” Jenner starred in seven portraits
    in total, some of which were captured by
    photographer Ryan McGinley and a few were
    snapped by Kendall herself. Jenner took part
    in a two-day shoot at a Tudor Revival Mansion
    in Glen Cove, Long Island, followed by a
    second shoot located at Highline Stages in
    New York. Tapping into individuality and
    personalization, the campaign combines the
    designer’s fine jewellery with
    Jenner’s unique stylistic
    interpretation. Visuals range from simplistic
    chic to carefree glamour, which flawlessly
    incorporate Jenner’s style with
    candy-coloured stones and stacked gold rings.
    The photographs and campaign video also exude
    a certain softness that reflects the
    brand’s delicacy. Jenner’s
    organic content shines a light on
    Ippolita’s versatility; every post
    captures her diverse personal style and
    exposes the brand to an Instagram follower
    base of 83 million. “It’s in the
    I” ultimately

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  • Lollipop by Ippolita

    Lollipop by Ippolita

    This Fall, fine jewellery company IPPOLITA
    gives its iconic Lollipop and Rock Candy
    collections a dreamy new edge. Brilliant
    color combinations all set in 18K gold and
    sterling silver, each features gemstones in
    the colors of the rainbow. Launching
    exclusively with Bijouterie Italienne this
    season, the Fall 2015 Rock Candy Collection
    is the next generation of classic Ippolita.
    Stud earrings, stacking rings and bracelets
    – all available in ten vibrant
    semi-precious stone colors – are the
    items you lust for now and will love forever.
    “Every year I fall in love with color,
    and this season I am head over heels for
    anything rainbow”, says Ippolita
    Rostagno. Fashionable, cool and totally
    versatile – Ippolita is immediately
    recognizable and more chic than ever. Pieces
    accessible to all budgets, with prices
    ranging from $495 to $22,500. ABOUT THE
    COMPANY Ippolita was founded in 1999 by
    Italian artist and designer Ippolita
    Rostagno. At the time, fine jewellery was
    primarily traditional and designed to be worn
    only on special occasions. Addressing a void
    in luxury jewellery, Ippolita has pioneered
    the concept of cool and modern fine
    jewellery, created for everyday life and all
    occasions. Today, the New York based company
    operates like a fashion brand, creating and
    delivering new collections each season. There
    is a fashion ward robing aspect to Ippolita,
    as customers buy jewellery each season to
    accessorize their ready-to-wear in the same
    way they do with handbags and shoes. Ippolita
    is known for its colorful aesthetics and
    diverse use of material, including sculpted
    18K gold, hammered sterling silver and a vast
    array of uniquely hued hand-cut gemstones.
    Celebrities, editors and customers alike all
    covet the Ippolita look, and the brand is now
    one of the leading designers of fine
    jewellery brands in the USA. Cool, yet
    classic pieces from Ippolita cover women with
    a burst of gold sprinkled of dazzling

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