• Moët & Chandon, But Impérial, 150 years of celebration!

    Moët & Chandon, But Impérial, 150 years of celebration!

    When you visit the wine cellars of Moët
    & Chandon in Épernay, 10 to 30
    metres below ground a shiver runs through us.
    Not only because of the cold, but also
    because of the rich history of this great
    champagne house created almost three
    centuries ago in 1743. When you roam around
    those vast limestone cellars that stretch out
    over 28 kilometres, you begin to think that
    one of the mazes might lead you to Napoleon
    Bonaparte sabering champagne with his friend
    Jean-Rémy Moët after having
    granted him the Legion of Honour. The emperor
    liked champagne, but he also liked the
    boldness and business acumen of the
    founder’s grandson, Claude Moët.
    Napoleon would often visit the estate after
    his campaigns, and the champagne Moët
    & Chandon Brut Impérial was
    created in his honour back in 1869. What can
    explain 150 years of such tremendous success?
    It’s all about the perfect balance
    between three grape varieties: Pinot
    Noir, Pinot Meunier, and local Chardonnay,
    along with a blend of 200 vintages. Cellar
    master Benoît Gouez takes on this huge
    challenge every year, and he always succeeds
    beautifully. The elegance of this brut
    sparkling champagne has been maintained
    thanks to the know-how of the artisans, and
    nobody can resist it to this day.Long live
    Moët & Chandon and the Emperor!

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  • Bar George, a Montreal institution

    Bar George, a Montreal institution

    At Montreal’s illustrious Bar George,
    historic charm meets contemporary cuisine and
    delectable cocktails. The bar is found inside
    of the now modernly renovated, luxurious
    Mount Stephen Hotel, which was once a grand
    heritage home belonging to Sir George
    Stephen. Upon walking in, one can’t
    help but notice the building’s
    beautiful grandeur. Indeed, many of the
    mansion’s classic original features
    have been revitalized, like its 300-year-old
    stained glass windows, 15-foot Ceylon
    satinwood paneled walls, and 22 carat gold
    fixtures. That being said, Bar George, set as
    it is in a classically historic space,
    nonetheless embraces the eccentric and the
    modern and has its own undeniable character.
    Bar George embraces the new and the fun,
    masterfully pairing tradition with
    innovation. Bar George’s chefs offer
    their contemporary takes on U.K classics such
    as a full English breakfast and beef
    wellington, yet dishes are thoughtfully
    crafted with little Québécois
    quirks and quality local ingredients. Bar
    George serves breakfast, its widely
    celebrated weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and
    even late-night bites. In addition, the bar
    has an extensive and impressive bar program
    that serves classic English favorites, a wine
    list, a curated selection of beers and ciders
    and a collection of whiskies, gins, sherries,
    and ports. The locale is likewise available
    for private dining experiences, offering
    seven striking dining rooms set in the
    stunning mansion’s former rooms. How
    not to succumb to the nostalgic charm of this
    national historic site that offers the most
    avant-garde pleasures of Montreal life?

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