• Terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions

    Rules of the contest organized on the
    occasion of Father's Day 2021, carried out in
    collaboration between the John Scotti Alfa
    Romeo dealership and the Bijouterie
    Italienne How to Enter: Father's Day
    Contest For Father's Day, Italian Jewelry and
    John Scotti Alfa Romeo are offering you the
    chance to win an Alfa Romeo for a weekend + a
    Tissot Seastar watch. Everyone who follows
    the steps below will be eligible for the
    Instagram contest: Step 1) Like the
    contest post on Instagram Step 2) Follow &
    @bijouterie_italienne on Instagram Step
    3) Identify 2 friends. The draw will be held
    on June 14, 2021 Rules of the contest
    organized on the occasion of Father's Day
    2021, carried out in collaboration between
    the John Scotti Alfa Romeo dealership and
    Bijouterie Italienne. This contest will be
    held from June 5 to 14, 2021 on Instagram.
    This contest will offer participants to
    win: A Tissot Seastar
    watch T120.407.11.041.02

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  • Elegance is timeless, Lara Fabian

    Elegance is timeless, Lara Fabian

    This fall, Lara Fabian goes on an
    international tour that will take her to the
    United States, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland,
    France, and, of course, Quebec, her adoptive
    land. It has been quite a ride for this woman
    of Italian descent; she came from Belgium in
    the early 1990s, and with her unique voice
    and outstanding energy, she was able to
    conquer the hearts of Quebecers. Millions of
    albums sold, numerous tours, and thousands of
    shows could not begin to exhaust the passion
    and simplicity of this artist. Today, Lara
    Fabian enjoys life more than
    ever.  We first met in 1991 while
    shooting the video “Je
    m’arrêterai pas de
    t’aimer.” I remember you as a
    passionate young lady, both enthusiastic and
    very friendly. How do you remember your first
    steps in Quebec? I remember those
    moments very fondly. My career choice is no
    coincidence: both my parents were music
    lovers. Dad would teach me songs in English
    and Mom would always be singing around m

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  • Bijouterie Italienne, 60 years of success

    Bijouterie Italienne, 60 years of success

    Montreal, 1959. Pino Miserendino, a master
    watchmaker and his wife, Pina Giannantonio,
    open their very first boutique on St.
    Zo­tique East street. Pino had no idea
    that 60 years later, his jewelry store would
    become a genuine institution in the heart of
    Little Italy. As an expert watchmaker, Pino
    could design a watch movement from A to Z, as
    well as building, cutting and assembling
    pieces. Custom jewelry was also another side
    of his expertise: watchmaking and
    jeweler’s craft are not far off each
    other, since mastering the former allows the
    latter. The Miserendino family is pursuing
    this beautiful heritage to this very day,
    with all the passion, professionalism and
    know-how Bijouterie Italienne is renowned
    for. From its early days as an
    engagement ring and watch repair specialist
    to its current incarnation as a showcase for
    current trends, Bijouterie Italienne
    experienced a genuine growth in its 60 years
    of existence. The jewelry store features
    prestigious brands such as Pomellato, Ro

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  • Moët & Chandon, But Impérial, 150 years of celebration!

    Moët & Chandon, But Impérial, 150 years of celebration!

    When you visit the wine cellars of Moët
    & Chandon in Épernay, 10 to 30
    metres below ground a shiver runs through us.
    Not only because of the cold, but also
    because of the rich history of this great
    champagne house created almost three
    centuries ago in 1743. When you roam
    around those vast limestone cellars that
    stretch out over 28 kilometres, you begin to
    think that one of the mazes might lead you to
    Napoleon Bonaparte sabering champagne with
    his friend Jean-Rémy Moët after
    having granted him the Legion of Honour. The
    emperor liked champagne, but he also liked
    the boldness and business acumen of the
    founder’s grandson, Claude Moët.
    Napoleon would often visit the estate after
    his campaigns, and the champagne Moët
    & Chandon Brut Impérial was created
    in his honour back in 1869. What can
    explain 150 years of such tremendous success?
    It’s all about the perfect balance
    between three grape varieties: Pinot
    Noir, Pinot Meunier, and local Chardonnay,
    along with a ble

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  • The art of movement Porsche GT3

    The art of movement Porsche GT3

    Adornetto notes, «I had the idea to make
    a canvas with a face of a determined lion
    ready to make a good race! The original work
    was done on a canvas of 54 x 54 inches,
    painted with a spatula and knives directly on
    the canvas. I imagined the Beast in [the]
    bright and vivid colors of the Porsche GT3
    collection, an amalgam of Guards Red, Lava
    Orange, Racing Yellow, Miami Blue, Lizard
    Green, and a touch of
    Chalk.» «When Geneviève
    Lauzon, Vice President Marketing and
    Experience Lauzon, asked me to collaborate on
    the new look of their GT3 Cup race car, I
    accepted the invitation with
    pleasure!” says Mr.
    Adornetto. Adornetto’s work is
    reproduced and wraps on the hood, wings, and
    roof of the GT3 Team Lauzon Autosport, driven
    by Patrick Dussault. The cars with this
    technique add a unique touch to the team and
    help them stand out. The 27-year-old
    Dussault competes for the third year behind
    the wheel of the n77 Lauzon Autospo

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  • Pascale Girardin, inpired by nature

    Pascale Girardin, inpired by nature

    In the world of art and design, ceramics have
    been looked down on for quite some time, but
    mural artist Pascale Girardin has been trying
    to change that mentality since the beginning
    of her career. Judging by her projects in a
    Shanghai hotel, in a Las Vegas restaurant,
    and in a mythical store in New York, she is
    now reaping the fruits of her labor. The
    language I used 20 years ago is now much more
    accepted. I said that 2019 was the year of
    handwork. People are starting to show
    interest in handwork, especially young
    people. They are starting to discover that
    they can do more with their fingers than
    sliding them across a screen. Meeting
    with interior designers is what allowed you
    to progress and to surpass yourself,
    correct? Yes, absolutely! Jean-Pierre
    Viau was the first one to trust me, and then
    I got the opportunity to work on small
    projects with large Toronto firm Yabu
    Pushelberg, and, eventually,

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