Bijouterie Italienne, 60 years of success

Montreal, 1959. Pino Miserendino, a master watchmaker and his wife, Pina Giannantonio, open their very first boutique on St. Zo­tique East street. Pino had no idea that 60 years later, his jewelry store would become a genuine institution in the heart of Little Italy. As an expert watchmaker, Pino could design a watch movement from A to Z, as well as building, cutting and assembling pieces. Custom jewelry was also another side of his expertise: watchmaking and jeweler’s craft are not far off each other, since mastering the former allows the latter. The Miserendino family is pursuing this beautiful heritage to this very day, with all the passion, professionalism and know-how Bijouterie Italienne is renowned for.

From its early days as an engagement ring and watch repair specialist to its current incarnation as a showcase for current trends, Bijouterie Italienne experienced a genuine growth in its 60 years of existence. The jewelry store features prestigious brands such as Pomellato, Rolex, Forevermark and Gucci, to the delight of fashionistas everywhere.

Let us travel back to 1973… The Miserendino family buys a building located on 192 St. Zotique East street, in what would become the forever home of their famed jewelry store. From there, they would establish a long-lasting, tremendous partnership with Rolex. The famed Swiss brand remains one of the crown jewels of the store to this very day. Bijouterie Italienne also established itself as one of the most important importers of exclusive goods, straight from Italy, throughout the 70s and 80s.

The 90s were the era of a new turn for the store, as Paola and Marco, the daughter and son of Pino and Pina, took the lead of the establishment founded by their parents. Paola and Marco focused on prestigious brands, especially those renowned for quality stones and exceptional craftsmanship. Attentive customer service, outdoing expectations and a commitment to excellence are all the hallmarks of Bijouterie Italienne.

Luxury being also about space, the store expanded in 2003 and its new incarnation was four times bigger, for the delight of regular customers as well as new ones.

Ever innovative, Bijouterie Italienne has been publishing its own magazine, 192 Magazine since 2012. This publication aims to showcase the dynamism of Montreal and the creative talent of its designers. 192 Magazine also featured notable local and international personalities, such as Lara Fabian, Karine Vanasse, Sugar Sammy and many others.

The store loves to feature new brands, rare gems found by the team in their numerous trips.  Such gems include the Italian brand Ippolita, Montegrappa accessories as well as Baume & Mercier, Tudor and Tag Heuer watches.

Bijouterie Italienne is carrying this rich heritage with great pleasure. Sixty years of history means we reached the age of reason but it is also a time to indulge in some (sweet) extravagances. We’d love to share these with you… Come see us!

Paola and Marco Miserendino