TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer


The Bijouterie Italienne

Bijouterie Italienne welcomes you to discover Tag Heuer in the heart of Little-Italy in Montreal. Tag Heuer offers sports watches for men and women, inspired by the latest technology from the racetrack or the aquatic world. Come see one of our experts to find the watch that suits you best in the Aquaracer, Formula 1, Link and Carrera collections.



Tag Heuer

For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has faced down every challenge, and then pushed past it. By defying the time-honored conventions of Swiss watchmaking, it has led it to ever higher levels of precision and performance, as it has become the reference for sport chronometers since 1920. It makes its own rules, chooses its own path, never quits moving forward, never compromises, never cracks under pressure.

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